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Fauna Marin Color Elements Green Blue Complex 500 ml
  • Fauna Marin Color Elements Green Blue Complex 500 ml

Fauna Marin Color Elements Green Blue Complex 500 ml



Fauna Marin Color Elements Green Blue Complex 500 ml

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Fauna Marin Color Elements Green Blue Complex 500 ml

New trace element blend based on organic and inorganic minerals and elements. Green Yellow Complex for the elaboration of green, yellow and turquoise shades in coral.series.

Novel blend of growth and color active trace elements, based on the latest findings and adapted to modern sea salt mixtures.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the effective implementation of the elements adapted to modern lighting systems, e.g. LED, laid. The innovative composition activates and stabilizes important micronutrients, significantly increasing and stabilizing growth and color formation.


The special mixture prevents unwanted enrichment of excess elements and avoids unsightly algae growth.

Color Elements are suitable for any aquarium system based on the Berlin system without restriction.

The interplay of the 3 elements allows almost all colors to be controlled in a targeted manner. In addition, animals that have previously been difficult to store are optimally supplied with previously missing trace elements.

Fluorescent colors in LPS or soft corals are intensified here as well as striking colors in SPS corals.

Growth-active substances support the installation and utilization of the elements in the aquarium.



• Addition of growth-active micronutrients

• increases growth and color development in SPS and LPS corals

• increases the fluorescence and the glow of the corals

• protects the corals against light-active stress.

• effective concentrate (more than 50% less consumption than conventional element mixtures)



Weekly 2 - 3 ml / 100 liter aquarium volume

For best results, we recommend using the Balling Light System with the Color Elements.



2-fold iron complex, manganese, bromine, potassium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, aluminum, based on inorganic elements.



Not suitable for human consumption. Do not swallow. Keep away from children. Contains dangerous heavy metals. Avoid skin and eye contact. Rinse immediately with water after contact.

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