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QFI Aminvit-Mix 1000 ml
  • QFI Aminvit-Mix 1000 ml

QFI Aminvit Mix 1000 ml


QFI Aminvit Mix 1000 ml

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QFI Aminvit Mix 1000 ml

(Quality Fish Import)

Amino acids and vitamins are important ingredients for life. Furthermore, they are the basic building blocks of colored coral pigments and coral fabrics. The composition of amino acids and vitamins has been adapted to the needs of corals. The addition of Aminvit-Mix completes the nutrition of corals and promotes metabolic processes. Therefore, their colors can develop better and the growth of coral tissue is promoted.


Dosage of Aminvit-Mix 10 ml per 100 l of aquarium water 2 times a week

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