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QFI Magnesium Mix 5000 ml
  • QFI Magnesium Mix 5000 ml

QFI Magnesium Mix 5000 ml


QFI Magnesium Mix 5000 ml

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QFI Magnesium Mix 5000 ml

Magnesium is an important element in sea water for hard and soft corals. Natural sea water contains 1450 mg / L of magnesium ions (Mg² +). This is about 3.3 times the amount of calcium. A lack of magnesium is shown, among other things, by poor growth of calcareous red algae or very pale lime red algae. An addition of QFI Magnesium-Mix ensures coral growth, prevents color fading and intensifies coral colors. Important minerals are integrated with QFI Element Mix.


10 ml per 100 l aquarium water twice a week Other than magnesium, other elements are included.

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