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Red Sea MAX E - 170 Black - Complete aquarium 170 liters


Red Sea MAX E - 170 Black 170 liters


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Red Sea MAX E - 170 Black 170 liters

The Red Sea Max E-170 aquariums are ideal for starting the coral reef adventure. They are equipped with the latest technologies in the sector:

ReefLED ™ 90 Reef-safe

lightingThe MAX ® E series incorporates the brand new Red Sea Reef LED lights 90 designed to guarantee optimal coral growth and maximum yield of their bright colors.

The heart of the unit is a compact LED matrix that provides a safe REEF-SPEC light range for the coral reef through a single REEF-SPEC Blue channel (23,000 Kelvin) which consists of an optimal combination of ultraviolet, purple and blue LEDs and a white channel of 8,000 Kelvin. In addition, it has a separate 3W Moonlight channel dedicated to providing low light levels for a safe night vision of the reef.                         The ReefLED includes a single optical glass lens that creates a homogeneous light that gives an excellent coloration of the corals and a slight shimmer throughout the aquarium.

The LED unit is firmly attached to the aquarium and can be rotated to allow easy access to the rear cockpit for all normal maintenance needs or for the reef.The MAX ® E-170 barrier aquarium system uses a single ReefLED 90 unit while the MAX ® E-260 barrier aquarium system has 2 units that are perfectly matched together by ReefBeat.

Revolutionary modular MAX ® E-Series exhaust system

Start your coral reef with the built-in rear cockpit that houses the complete REEF-SPEC ® filtration and circulation systems. If you decide to add more equipment such as a calcium reactor, the modular filtration system can be easily expanded by installing a Red Sea sump under the optional aquarium.

The exclusive Red Sea overflow system, with its fully regulated silent-flow exhaust pipe (as used in the high-end S series), easily connects to the integrated multi-door bulkhead without the need to cut, glue or empty the whole aquarium.


The optional conversion kit of the sump includes a small glass tank customized with a dedicated skimmer chamber at constant height, an overflow system regulated by the flow and an integrated automatic refill.

MAX E Sump

MAX ® E-Series Ultra-clear glass

The front panel and the two side panels of the Max ® E series - They are made of Ultra-Clear glass for maximum visual experience. The 12 mm thickness of the front panel allows us to avoid the use of reinforcement bars, allowing a clean and borderless design, rounded at the top and bottom.

Circulation MAX ® SERIES E

The MAX E-170 is equipped with a lift pump of 2150 L / h. The water returns to the aquarium through a discrete nozzle adjustable in all directions that avoids dead zones avoiding the accumulation of harmful waste for corals.

MAX ® E series rear cockpit

The MAX ® E series aquariums are divided into 2 parts: Aquarium and rear cockpit which discretely houses all the filtration and circulation systems. The wells of the E MAX ® series contain multistage filtration consisting of a REEF-SPEC ® protein skimmer, activated carbon and mechanical filtering materials. The cockpit has dedicated space for additional chemical filtering media and for the addition of a cooler inside the cabinet.

MAX ® E Series Skimmer

The heart of the filtration system is the protein skimmer. The MSK 900 skimmer applies the Red Sea REEF-SPEC® criteria for SPS corals, passing the entire volume of the aquarium water through the skimmer at least 3 times per hour and with a water / air ratio of 3 to. The new skimmer pump and impeller work cooler and quieter than before and the silencer built into the air intake does a great job of eliminating skimmer noise.

Chiller Ready Kit

The Red Sea MAX® E-Series sump has a dedicated place for the addition of a chiller pump as well as a convenient connection bracket for the chiller piping (Chiller and pipes are not supplied with the system).


Integrated Power Center

The MAX® E-Series incorporates the one-plug MAX® concept and features a power center with easy access to 7 individually switched power sockets for all system electrical sub-components. The power center is conveniently located in the cabinet and enables safe and easy control of all of the MAX® sub-systems.

Red Sea MaX E power center


The MAX® E-Series feature a marine-spec laminate cabinet fronted with weatherproof epoxy painted doors with convenient push openers as well as soft close stainless steel hinges. The cabinets are ventilated to provide convection cooling for a chiller. Offered with black or white exteriors, all cabinets have a black interior which maintains its clean appearance over time.

MAX E Cabint

                                     Red Sea MAX® E-Series Features

Red Sea MAX® E Model





System water volume

Combined aquarium and sump (not including optional sump for

170 L
(45 gal)

260 L
(69 gal)

Aquarium volume

Display tank

140 L
(37 gal)

213 L
(56 gal)

Rear Sump volume

Rear sump (MAX® E)

30 L
( 8 gal)

47 L
(13 gal)

Aquarium glass thickness

Ultra clear front and side panels

12 mm

12 mm

Surface skimmer

Built in Surface Skimmer with removable combs

Lighting system

ReefLED™ 90

1 unit (90W)

2 units (180W)

Lighting control

WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC.

Total circulation lph (gph)

 Hidden circulation pumps (not including sump return)

1 x 2150 (570)

2 x 2150 (570)

Protein skimmer

 MSK 900: 900 lph (240 gph) water flow – 250 lph (66 gph) air flow

Chiller installation kit

Fittings for easy chiller installation

Integrated power center

Individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories with Circuit Breaker

7 Outlets

7 Outlets

Mechanical filtration

Low density sponge filter media

Media Rack

For rear sump

Chemical filtration

High grade phosphate-free activated carbon

(7 oz)

(14 oz)

Cabinet frame

Marine Spec 

Cabinet Compartments

 Dedicated chiller compartment (not in E-170 if optional in-cabinet sump installed)


Display tank 

60 cm

90 cm


 Display tank 

 57.5 cm

57.5 cm


Display tank

 55 cm


Total system height
xcluding LED light unit)

142 cm

142 cm

Optional In-Cabinet Sump

water volume


41 L

(11 gal)

46 L
(12 gal)

 Water height


 20 cm

 20 cm

 Skimmer chamber


32×30 cm

35×32 cm

 Pump chamber


30×12 cm

 35×12 cm

 RO reservoir volume


5.4 L
(1.5 gal)

8 L
(2.1 gal)

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