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Tunze Comline Wavebox 6214
  • Tunze Comline Wavebox 6214
  • Tunze Comline Wavebox 6214

Tunze Comline Wavebox 6214


For aquariums from 400 to 1400 liters

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Tunze Comline Wavebox 6214  

TUNZE® Comline® Wavebox 6214 is a wave generator for aquariums from 400 to 1,400 liters (105 to 370 USgal.), depending on the type of the aquarium and on the decoration. The compact sizeallows discrete mounting in the corner of the aquarium.

Comline® Wavebox 6214 is operating with a Turbelle® stream and a Turbelle® controller. Emission of vibrations to the glass pane is avoided by the attached silicone buffers of the Wavebox.The embedded Magnet Holder allows the simple mounting of the Wavebox everywhere inside aquariums with glass panes up to a thickness of 19 mm (¾").


With a minimal consumption of electric current, an intense movement of the water is thus effectively generated. All the water is moved in the tank and the recirculation allows you to rinse the areas behind the rocks very well.

Technical data:

pour aquariums de 400 à 1.400 litres.
Avec Turbelle® Controller.
Profondeur d'immersion : 255 à 285 mm,
Consommation moyenne : 26 W sous 24 V
Alimentation : 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Dimensions avec Magnet Holder (L x l x h) :
140 x 110 x 300 mm
Magnet Holder Silence jusqu'à 19 mm d'épaisseur de vitre.
Avec Moonlight Turbelle®, déclenche la baisse nocturne du Controller.

Instructions for use:

   Deutsch, Anglais, Francais (x6214.8888)

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