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GNC DayLight 130W
  • GNC DayLight 130W
  • GNC DayLight 130W
  • GNC DayLight 130W
  • GNC DayLight 130W
  • GNC DayLight 130W

GNC DayLight 130W


Performance and reliability

DayLight LED ceiling light for fresh water

High luminous efficiency

With its extremely compact dimensions, 400x300x40mm and thanks to the use of high luminous efficiency LEDs (white LEDs of 160 Lumen / W, blue LEDs of 200 mW and red LEDs with high radiometric range 180 mW), the DayLight offers exceptional performance with a maximum power up to 130 W.

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GNC DayLight 130W


Lamp for sweet aquarium

Lamp for tanks up to 90 x 70 cm

Sunray Diffusion System
with a complete spectrum (430-670nM) fully manageable to optimize the growth of all aquarium plants

Blu Asymmetric System
reproduces the natural light conditions for plants and fish through a perfect mix of LEDs and avoiding harmful light peaks

High light output
despite extremely compact dimensions, thanks to the use of a complex DAYLIGHT LED matrix, it offers exceptional performance up to a maximum of 130 w

Universal management and control
Connected WiFi with any device via browser, allows complete control

The perfect blend of LEDs make DayLight ideal for planted and animal-rich aquariums; the spectrum is complete and natural; the homogeneous diffusion of light increases growth and colors like the sun at its peak.


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