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Led ceiling light for fresh water

The solution for your aquarium


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For fresh water


MINÚ ceiling lights are entirely built with quality Italian materials. They show a refined and refined design while remaining an extremely modern product. They illuminate with extreme penetration and homogeneity of light comparable to a mix between hqi and t5 with massive energy savings and exceptional coverage while remaining almost invisible above your bathtub. They are made by numerical control machines on single pieces of acrylic to avoid molding defects and structural fragility. The dissipation is entrusted to the latest generation silver anodized aluminum fins which avoid noisy and fragile electric fans, remaining very pleasing to the eye.

The electronics of these products is the strong point: the MINÚ can illuminate the backdrops thanks to the use of numerous LEDs selected to reach a color temperature of over 15000 ° K. High-level electronics since the power supply is entrusted to a controller dedicated to the protection and efficiency of the numerous LEDs which remain a very innovative component but at the same time very fragile if poorly powered.

MINÚ ceiling lights are unique and transparent design technological products in a robust structure that is completely immune to dust and splashes to increase the reliability of the LED board and its components that would not stand the hostile environment in which they work. 


Technical sheet:


Dimensions: L 140 x P 140 x H 50 mm

Weight: 0.500 g

Recommended bowl surface 35 x 35 cm up to 50 x 50 cm

Passive cooling with silver oxidized aluminum AISI316 stainless steel screws

8 mm laser cut acrylic lens. SMI solder white electronic card

72 white LEDs selected 5630, color 6500K

Primary 90-264 Volt AC 50-60Hz Secondary 18 Volt white led and 12 Volt blue led - DC constant current

Consumption 13 W

Power cable 1.5 meters long

Bathtub fixing with acrylic bracket

Splash and moisture resistant structure


For more information, visit the official website of the manufacturer.


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