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Ecotech Marine Pompe Vortech MP10QD
  • Ecotech Marine Pompe Vortech MP10QD

Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40QD Upgrade/Replacement Diver


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Vortech MP40QD Upgrade/Replacement Diver


Having the right flow in the aquarium is critical to ecosystem health. ConVorTech QuietDrive choose the best equipment for proper water circulation has never been so simple.
The VorTech pumps were designed by aquarists to become the ultimate standard of equipment that create the flow in the marine aquarium. When it comes to a large but gentle flow, the VorTech design is unparalleled:

• Create a large movement of water
• Does not damage corals
• natural water flow
• three-dimensional flow models
• Complete flow options
• Precise control of water movement

MODE Vortech QD

Lagoon Mode: Simulates a lagoon environment with low power. The pump speed is slowed to recreate the gentle current of a lagoon.
Reef Crest Mode: Reef Crest Random Mode simulates a high energy reef environment. The pump speed changes frequently and drastically, to simulate breaking waves and tides. This is the preferred mode from the SPS
Gyre Mode: Create a flow pattern with uniform flows pulsate counterclockwise or clockwise at selected intervals between two seconds and two hours.
Short Pulse Mode: Create a flow type characterized by levels of highs and lows that alternate uniform flow at selected intervals between 0.2 and 2 seconds.
Tidal Swell Mode: Create a harmonious balance in the flow reminiscent of the changes that are observed in nature. Over the course of several hours, the flow goes from being chaotic and fast to a state of calm followed, at the end of the cycle, a wave that cleans debris. The flow direction changes in each new cycle.
Nutrient Transport Mode: This mode is characterized by two phases. The first phase uses the wave motion to move the debris. The next stage is determined by a rushing movement which pushes the debris towards the aquarium exhaust. This mode promotes health, the elimination of nutrients and increases the growth of soft corals such as SPS.
Feed Mode: By pressing a button, all enabled VorTech will be paused, allowing you to administer the food without this being sucked into the drain and then filtered.
Night Mode: The pumps can be enabled to have a night-time programming that recreates the calmer conditions of the ocean at night.
Wave Auto-Tune: Create a standing wave in your aquarium and shows the true power of the system fully operational VorTech QuietDrive control.
Multi-Pump Communication * 1: All pumps of the "w" series have an RF module installed. The RF module allows a maximum of 8 pumps "w" to work together synchronously, asynchronously or coordinated.
ESL via Mobile Device * 2: All pumps of the "w" series are compatible with Reeflink. The Reeflink allows a completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the command center, web-based, EcoTech Marine.
Battery Backup Mode * 3: A bolt of lightning, a storm, an accident in a high voltage cab ... These things happen ... the power goes away ... The VorTech pumps are compatible with the Battery Backup accessory.
1) Requires VorTech pumps "w" multiple
2) Requires an internet connection and Reeflink
3) Requires a Battery Backup


For those who already have one or more VorTech EcoSmart, QuietDrive and new MP40 allow various upgrade options ranging from a driver upgrade on all VorTech updating of one or more components on MP40wES.


The MP10wQD and MP10QD are much less noisy and more performing thanks to the new QuietDrive Driver. The engine, the wet side and the MP10QD power supply remained unchanged. Upgrade a MP10ES with QuietDrive guarantees access to new, improved performance.


MP60 equipped with QuietDrive benefit from a significantly reduced engine noise and more efficiency. The engine, a wet side and the power supply of MP60QD remain unchanged.


The MP40QD is then a completely new MP40wEs can be upgraded in different ways. The diagram below shows the different upgrade options and their results in terms of performance improvement.


For more information, visit the official website of the manufacturer.


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