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RED SEA REEFER 170 - Black


The Red Sea REEFER 170 aquarium in extra clear glass is equipped with a professional water treatment system including evaporation compensation decanting and the Red Sea specific water descent system.

REEFER have been designed to be easy to use while still allowing for an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, mixing and more to compose your system.


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RED SEA REEFER 170 - Black



Water treatment system 

The water treatment system is the basis for excellent water quality. Surface water is actively drawn into the decanter via the downspout regulating valve. Removable combs surround the top of the central overflow which houses the downspout, return pipe and multidirectional nozzle.

The connection kit is complete, all the tubes are quick-fit and do not require gluing.

Upon entering the settling tank, the water passes through a 200 micron mechanical filter. It then enters the filtration compartment at a constant level suitable for all skimmers and other reactors.

To ensure a constant level in the return pump compartment.

   Technical data


60 cm


50 cm


137 cm

Glass thickness

10 mm

Plant volume

165 L

Aquarium volume

130 L

Volume sump

35 L

Vano pompa di risalita

30 x 12 cm


30 x 25 cm

Altezza dell'acqua nella sedimentazione

20 cm

Volume della riserva d'acqua RO

5.4 L

    Pompa di risalita consigliata                                  2000 L/h




Watch the Red Sea video for more information Reefer 170

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