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Fauna Marin Dino X 250 ml
  • Fauna Marin Dino X 250 ml

Fauna Marin Dino X 250 ml


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Fauna Marin Dino X 500 ml

Broad algae preparation for reef aquariums. DINO X is effective against all algae in the reef aquarium quickly and efficiently. It is harmless for low animals and fish.

  • The dosage of the product should always be in the evening or 1 hour after switching off the main lighting.
  • The photosynthesis of the Zooxanthellen is stopped and the effect of the product is thus optimal.
  • 5 ml DINO X per 100 liters of aquarium water
  • It is very important that the exact content of the aquarium is calculated to prevent possible overdoses. With very strong infestation and good skimmer can be dosed up to 6 ml / 100 liters
  • Repeat the dosage every 2 days until the disappearance of the algae.
  • A general duration of treatment can not be specified. Usually dinoflagellates with 10, other algae with about 15 Dosierzyklen are sufficiently controlled.
  • The main lighting phase to max. Set 6 hours daily.
  • Put skimmer on full power and operate 24/7.
  • No water changes during dosing time first water change approx. 1 week after dosing.
  • No addition of trace elements during the dosing time.
  • Also no addition of mineral salts, amino preparations, SPS feed, Balling trace elements.
  • No OZONE or coal during dosing.
  • No Adsorber of any kind during the dosing.
  • After completion of the treatment, filtering with Fauna Marin Carb L activated charcoal after dosing advice is recommended.
  • Water values ​​can be adjusted with Balling light or Kalkwasser. These do not affect DINO X. However, finished products should not be used because they often contain additional trace elements.

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