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Fauna Marin Red X 250 ml - Cyano Killer
  • Fauna Marin Red X 250 ml - Cyano Killer

Fauna Marin Red X 250 ml - Cyano Killer


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Fauna Marin RED X 250 ml - Cyano Killer

Fauna Marin has announced Red X, a new product for its growing aquarium products and consumables. The product is called Red X and the Marin fauna defines it as a "liquid tonic" for the control of algae in saltwater aquariums and in reef tanks.

Fauna Marin Red X is fast and safe for the coral reef. Furthermore, it does not contain antibiotics, so it does not kill the probiotic bacteria in the aquarium.

RED X is a special formula that prevents the growth of algae in the aquarium. Red X treats unwanted biologically / biologically algae and is very delicate for aquarium inhabitants. When used correctly at the prescribed dosage, RED X is 100% safe and safe for corals, fish and invertebrates.


RED X is effective against:

Green and red cyanobacteria

Mild dinoflagellate infestation (Ostreopsis sp., Amphidinium sp., Prorocentrum sp., Coolia sp., Symbiodinium and others)

Gold algae and armor



Red X or Dino X?

RED X is kind and supportive. It is recommended to use RED X before treatment with DINO X, as this has a much stronger effect. Strongly affected aquariums infected with brown plague should be treated immediately with Dino X.



Add 10 ml per 100 liters per day for 6 days, then wait another 5 days until the effect is complete.


DO NOT change water during treatment. Do not use charcoal, solvent PO4, adsorber, ozone or UV.

After 11 days you can continue normal aquarium care.

After treatment with Red X - Fauna Marin REBIOTIC to repair and maintain a healthy biological balance in the aquarium. With Rebiotic you can prevent unwanted deposits from returning.

Safety note: RED X is intended exclusively for use in salt water aquariums. Keep out of reach of children, not for human consumption.

For more information, visit the official website of the manufacturer


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