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Pink Water Lily - Pour Pond


Pink Water Lily - Pour Pond

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Pink Water Lily - Pour Pond

The water lily or (Water Lily) is an aquatic plant belonging to the family Nymphaeaceae. Of European origin, the lily flower is one of the most beautiful species that grow in ponds and reservoirs.

Features Waterlily

Lily (Lily) of water is composed of large floating leaves with rounded shapes, including shades of white, pink and purple.

Planting lily

Lily (Lily) should be placed in a pond or lake. For the culture of the lily, it is advisable to place them away from the fountains and water jets.

Container and land-use

As containers for the water lilies can use the commonest plastic pots perforated or simply plastic containers for fruits by inserting a plastic tarp inside to contain the earth.
Being plants that grow very horizontal containers for fruit, wide and not too high, are the best way and cheaper for them to plant.
The ideal soil for this type of plants is a clay soil, garden soil is fine, it is not advisable to use ground ready in bags as too light and once in the water spreads and floats on the pond smearing.

Blooming lily

Flowering Lily (Lily) takes place during the summer.

Maintenance of water lily

Lily (Lily) requires little care, will bloom year after year. If the lily becomes too intrusive, just pull the rhizomes (bulb) to limit the expansion, does not support the lack of water.

Enemies of the lily

There are very few diseases that can reach it. This plant is very resistant.

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