Kent Marine Pro Buffer dKH - 237ml
  • Kent Marine Pro Buffer dKH - 237ml

Kent Marine Pro Buffer dKH - 237ml


Kent Marine Pro Buffer dKH - 237ml

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Kent Marine Pro Buffer dKH - 237ml

Enhanced ProòBuffer dKH with Coralline Accelerator raises alkalinity or buffering capacity and works automatically to control pH in any marine aquarium.A In addition when used with any of our calcium additives it encourages strong coralline algae growth.A Each 16 oz. of ProòBuffer dKH will treat 1900 gallons or 7200 litres. Test calcium & alkalinity and adjust the recommended dose for your particular system!A Do not exceed 1/2 ml of this product per gallon per 12 hour period.A Daily addition of calcium along with this product will yield optimum results particularly when trying to accelerate coralline algae growth!A If you have trouble maintaining calcium or buffer level check to see that the salt mix you are using has seawater level of magnesium.A To save money and increase dissolvability some manufacturers of popular newer salts have included only half the level of magnesium necessary in their sea salt mixes resulting in low calcium solubility and poor buffering!A If magnesium is low use Kent TechòM Magnesium. Regular water changes are recommended.A Kent Marine Essential Elements and Coral-Vite should be used simultaneously with the calcium supplement you are using and the ProòBuffer dKH to replace those minerals lost in protein skimming and filtration and used up by corals and other invertebrates.A Tanks with heavy coral populations require additional strontium to that which is in the Coral-Vite. Use Strontium & Molybdenum Supplement or Turbo Strontium.

Add 10 ml per 150 liters of aquarium water every day


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