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EQUO Remover NH3 24 Fiale da 5ml
  • EQUO Remover NH3 24 Fiale da 5ml
  • EQUO Remover NH3 24 Fiale da 5ml



EQUO Remover NH3 vials of 5 ml 

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EQUO Remover NH3 24 vials of 5 ml - Eliminates Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramine

Eliminates Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramine

Aquariums are closed systems, in which is not insured the continuous water renewal, contrary to natural ecosystems (seas, lakes, rivers). However, into an aquarium, as well as in nature, polluting, potentially toxic, substances are produced, because the biological processes (respiration and excretion) of the housed organisms.  These substances must be adequately maintained under specific levels, in order to don’t jeopardize the safety of fish, plants and invertebrates. This process, called water bio-conditioning, allows organisms to live safely and healthy in the aquarium ecosystems; in other words, through the water conditioner we remove, or decrease, the concentrations of potentially toxic substances, possibly adding others which are benefical.The transformation of organic nitrogen, contained into decomposing organic matter, waste food, waste products of organisms, represents a constant source of Ammonia by a biochemical process known as “ammonification”. Such process is performed by particular bacteria which, degrading the amino acids (oxidative deamination), convert the Aminic Nitrogen (-NH2) in Ammonia (NH3), free in the environment.Furthermore, fisheliminate Ammonia directly into the water through their gills. This means that the Ammonia is concentrated directly into the water, and even if the fish are fasting (e.g. in the shipping bag).Ammonia molecules originated into the aquarium are highly toxic for the housed organisms, even at low concentrations. REMOVER NH3 neutralizes toxic Ammonia by its conversion in a non-toxic molecule(aminomethanesulfonate salt), easily biodegradable by nitrification in the biological filter. REMOVER NH3 also eliminates Chlorine and Chloramine. The concomitant presence of Aloe vera extract, for its content of Acemannan and Glycosides, promotes the reinforcement of the immune system and the health of epidermis and gills. It also contributesto the reduction of the stress negative effects. Useful for the immediate start of new aquariums and for the transport of the fish.

A 5 mL phial every 200L of new water. One phial into 200 L removes about 1mg/L of Ammonia, in freshwater and marine water. The combined use with NUTROBACT and BACTERYA and/or BIO-NITRONEX, will promote a quick start of the Nitrogen cycle. 

Reverse Osmosis water, Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite.

Made in Italy

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