Foglie del mandorlo tropicale (TERMINALIA CATAPPA) "MIGLIOR QUALITÀ"
  • Foglie del mandorlo tropicale (TERMINALIA CATAPPA) "MIGLIOR QUALITÀ"

Leaves of tropical almond (TERMINALIA CATAPPA) "BEST QUALITY"


Leaves of tropical almond (TERMINALIA CATAPPA) "BEST QUALITY"

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Leaves of tropical almond (TERMINALIA CATAPPA) "BEST QUALITY"

For many decades, these leaves are used in Asia already with great success for the aquarium. These leaves year many different natural ingredients.
The aquarium world are excited about these leaves.
The leaves can give the water a light color, natural variation tropical. These leaves improve water quality significantly and animal welfare.

Recommendable without restrictions for all fish and invertebrates.


Standard: 1-2 leaves for 100 liters
Intense: 4-5 leaves for 100 liters

Contents: 15 leaves

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