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AccuraSea Natural Seawater
  • AccuraSea Natural Seawater

Two Little Fishies AccuraSea Natural Seawater 16.6 L


AccuraSea Natural Seawater

Natural sea water to 100%

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Two Little Fishies AccuraSea Natural Seawater

Natural sea water to 100%

  • Natural sea water to 100%, supports the growth and reproduction of marine fish and       invertebrates
  • Collection near reefs teeming with an intense growth, immediately filtered and sterilized
  • No need to mix it, no waiting time and no problem. only natural seawater with correct pH and appropriate elements.
  • Perfect for starting new aquariums and make water changes

Two Little Fishes AccuraSea Natural Seawater is the original solution, developed by the nature and tested for eons, to support the growth and reproduction of fish and invertebrates. AccuraSea Natural Seawater is collected near coral reefs with an intense growth, so it is naturally low in nutrients. In addition AccuraSea Natural Seawater is filtered and sterilized immediately after harvest to eliminate pathogenic elements. AccuraSea contains pure sea water, no additives, nothing artificial.

With AccuraSea Natural Seawater, you do not prepare, mix and even expect, as simple as that! It 'the perfect solution with the right balance between the elements and the ph always correct.

AccuraSea Natural Seawater is suitable for all marine aquariums. And 'especially useful for starting new aquariums and nano reef aquarists with seeking the convenience while making frequent water changes.

Instructions: Use it to start new aquariums or to make regular water changes. When making water changes, be sure to bring the temperature of AccuraSea Natural Seawater close to the temperature of your aquarium. Check also that the density is similar. Change about 10-20% of the aquarium water once a month.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink. Do not store it near electrical outlets.

Pack of 16.6 L


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