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Ultra Reef TYPHOON UKD-200 Internal skimmer
  • Ultra Reef TYPHOON UKD-200 Internal skimmer

Ultra Reef TYPHOON UKD-200 Internal skimmer


For aquariums up to 1500 liters

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Ultra Reef TYPHOON UKD-200 Internal Skimmer  

For aquariums up to 1500 liters

The Ultra Reef skimmer of the TYPHOON UKD skimmer is a filtering system that allows the removal of surfactants from sea water. Sea water pump and air bubbles in a mixing chamber. Taking advantage of the properties of the surface tension film between air and water, it generates a foam that overflows from the main chamber, accumulating the surfactants extracted in a collecting glass

Thanks to the experience gained in over half a century in the fluid dynamics sector, we offer the following solutions in our product:

Ring diffusion

Unlike common skimmers this model adopts a particular water diffusion system. The pump injects the emulsion of air and water at high speed inside an outer ring with a curved profile that allows its distribution with low pressure drops. The skimmer is fed directly, so it is not necessary to use a loading pump. This solution significantly reduces consumption and maintenance time.

Particular attention to noise

The anti-vibration feet absorb all the annoying vibrations. To reduce the noise of air intake, the skimmer is complete with an integrated silencer that dampens the noise produced by the venturi. The submerged drainage system is obtained on the base in order to eliminate the noise of the drain water. Electronic skimming pumps with compound venturi The new 24V pump with PSK-SDC needle impeller with integrated controller is designed to produce the best air emulsion and water through a needle impeller. The rapid extraction compound venturi favors low consumption and is quick and easy to maintain. Variable speed

operation, pause functions and WI-Fi management and dedicated mobile application are managed by the controller. The transparent chamber makes it possible to verify the operation of the impeller.

For more information on the sight of the sicce pump.

Easy calibration, stable and precise adjustment

The conical body made of cast acrylic is designed to improve internal flows and create a homogeneous thrust along the entire length of the body, while the shaped diffuser improves the separation between air and water, guaranteeing excellent stability even at the first start. The internal level is adjusted by means of a screw gate and the silencer is equipped with an adjustment screw to set the intake air.

Innovative Easy-Flip gasket system

The collection cup and the inner collar are equipped with an "Easy Flip" seal system for a firm hold and simple disassembly during maintenance. To facilitate maintenance, the neck of the glass can also be removed.

Easy and thorough maintenance

Our product can be disassembled in virtually every single component. The generous thicknesses of the materials used ensure excellent resistance during maintenance operations, while disassembly in single parts facilitates the cleaning and replacement of worn components.

Quality and performance.

During product development we start from the needs of the aquarist. The constructive choices we make always have a practical logic and often start from a direct need that could not be fully satisfied by the products on the market.


Produced in Italy

Our company was founded in 1957 and since then has been producing hydraulic and fluid-dynamic equipment of the highest quality without compromise. In our company we work with the care and passion that has always characterized Italian companies. Our success is based on the satisfaction of the requirements imposed by the customer through efficient processing and the supply of high quality products at competitive prices.

CNC machining from solid PVC blocks

Within our company we carry out the internal development of our products, from design to production. Our brand guarantees a deep and careful evaluation of the work, both technically and aesthetically, thanks to CNC machining from solid PVC blocks.

Non-stop research and development

Thanks to the continuous research of novelties and new technologies to be employed in the processing we are always at the forefront in the development of our products. Flexibility and speed of response to the latest research in the sector guarantee our products excellent performance.

Titanium anti-corrosion screws

DIN7985 screws in Titanium G2, resistant to corrosion caused by sea water. To give the best even in the smallest components.


ISO 9001 quality certification

Achieving commercial excellence can only be achieved if all the figures involved in the production take mutual responsibility for quality and if the production processes are continuously improved. Our company is certified and compliant with ISO 9001, the most widespread international standard that provides a structure for Quality Management Systems.


· Tank dimensions For aquariums up to 1500 liters

· Sicce skimming pump PSK-SDC 2300 DC24

· Treated air ~ from 300 to 1400 lit / h

· Treated water ~ 700 to 2300 lit / h

- Consumption ~ 10-36W


· Overall dimensions at the base 39x29

· Height 60 cm

· Water level 18-22 mm

· Internal sump installation


· Standard 230-240V 50Hz

· On request 110-120V 60H

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